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Housing in Poland


Popular areas for the expatriate community are Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk and Lodz.

Housing is unexpectedly expensive in Poland especially in Warsaw. Renting is a usually a must since you can only buy land if you have the Polish nationality. It is possible to buy an apartment but you cannot apply for any tax breaks that usually accompany these purchases for locals and may make it very expensive. There is an ample supply of Western-standard apartments and houses. A family has plenty of choice within a chosen residential district. Choosing a district usually depends on the fact if there are any children who need certain schools, since living close to school is important.

Cost of housing varies from area to area and the size of the apartment or house; you'll pay anything from €500-€5,000 and higher. The local currency is the Zloty.

Buying a Property

In general, foreign nationals have to apply to the Minister of the Interior and Administration for permission to buy property in Poland. However, the nationals of EU countries who are going to live in Poland for longer than 90 days and hold a residency permit are exempt from this requirement, and can buy property for use as their own main residence in Poland. Foreign nationals are only allowed to buy property up to a maximum size of 5,000 sq m for use as their own residence.

EU citizens who do not hold a residency permit must apply for a permit to buy a second home or holiday home in Poland. Permits are valid for the purchase of property within two years from the date of issue.

A wide range of new and existing properties are available for purchase in Poland, but existing properties often require extensive renovations. There are wide variations in property prices between different locations, with typical costs per metre for a new property between PLN2,500 and PLN5,000 in the main cities, and around PLN2,000 in smaller towns.

Properties are advertised for sale by real estate agencies, online and in national and daily newspapers. To purchase a property in Poland you will need to agree a price with the owner, and appoint a notary to deal with the legal aspects of the sale. It is normal practice in Poland for the same notary to be used by the buyer and seller of the property, and for the buyer to pay the notary fees, which usually amount to 2-3% of the purchase price. The buyer will be required to pay a deposit which cannot be refunded unless the buyer decides not to sell. On completion of the sale the vendor will be required to provide a document confirming that no loans are secured on the property.

Renting a Property

Details of apartments and houses for rent in Poland can be found in local daily newspapers and national weekly property magazines. There are also many real estate agencies, mainly found in the cities, which deal in rental properties.

The average rental cost for a 2-room city apartment is between PLN1,000 and PLN1,500 per month, exclusive of utilities. In smaller towns it is possible to rent a similar size apartment for between PLN 400 and 800 per month.

Rents can be freely negotiated between landlord and tenant. The landlord may increase the rent once every six months, by giving one month’s notice. Rental agreements can be either fixed or indefinite, but fixed agreements are to be recommended as they provide more protection to the tenant.

The deposit to be repaid to the tenant is based on a multiple, not on the amount of rent stipulated in the contract, but on the amount of rent at the time of termination. So if the rent remains the same throughout the contract, the tenant will be given back precisely what he paid in deposit.




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