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Poland Immigration Information Work Permit

Employment Authorisation

Generally, foreign nationals must obtain a work permit prior to engaging in employment in Poland. This general provision applies both to persons engaged in a traditional employer/employee relationship as well as to independent entrepreneurs who perform their services on a contractual basis.

The same rules apply to Intra-company transferees.

"Regularisation" of immigration status from Visitor status to Work Status

A foreign national employee may not convert his or her immigration status from a visitor status to work status while remaining in Poland. The employee can be present in Poland while the work permit application is being processed; however, the employee will not have authorisation to work. Once the work permit application is approved, the employee must obtain his or her work visa from a Polish Consulate in the home country (this requirement does not include EU citizens).

Types of Work Visa

The work visa is a Polish residence visa with a right to employment in Poland. This is the only type of work visa.

The General Process

Please note that these are subject to change based on the labour and immigration authorities of Poland.

The procedure for obtaining a work permit in Poland commences with an application for a Promissory decision for a work permit. This document is the basis for issuing a work visa and a work permit, which will enable a foreign national to enter and remain in Poland for the duration of his/her employment contract or assignment.

The application of a Promissory decision for a work permit is submitted by the prospective employer to the local Labour Office with jurisdiction over the place of the intended employment. Processing time takes approximately one and a half months.

Upon approval of the Promissory decision for a work permit, an application for a work visa is submitted to the Polish Consulate with jurisdiction over the applicant's current legal residence. Processing of the application takes approximately two to three weeks.

In order to obtain the work permit, the foreigner should present the required documents to the Provincial Employment Office. Processing time takes approximately two to four weeks.

Basic Requirements to Qualify

There are no specific qualifications required but the higher a qualification a foreigner has, the greater the chance of the Labour Office approving the application.

The most commonly required documents are:

• school diploma (university if possible);
• substantial working experience (confirmed by the letters from the employers, present and former);
• language knowledge (confirmed by the official certificates).

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